KISS Couriers

Be a Courier!

Job Seekers: We are very busy, please do not call us for info on employment as it is all below.  You can check below if we need applicants currently.

Kiss Courier is a online messenger service that ships small packages with pick up and delivery within Manhattan primarily below 96st.  We also pay more commission (75% ) for each delivery made than other services because we have very low overhead.  You’re treated as your own entity, meaning you pay your own expenses, including medical expenses for accidents, and make your own hours.

 To be a courier with us, some things we require explained below:

Requirements for bikers & walkers:

Requirements For those without a bike:

Since you don’t have a bike, you must get/have:

Remember that Citibike and Via are good transportation supplementals to have since you don’t have a bike and you may be required to use them.  You are responsible for  these expenses.

Requirements for Cars/Vans

We currently do not have any orders for vehicle services, however you apply as a standby and we’ll use you

Additional requirements for everyone are obvious, you must be:

Other things to know

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