Q: Do you Pick up from anywhere besides Manhattan?

A: We mainly only pick up in Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo,  Astoria, LIC, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Boreum Hill, parts of Jersey City, south Hoboken.  Other areas use an Inquiry form.

Q: Can I pay later or bill me?

A: We employ a pay as you go method.  Payments are processed the same day.

Q: What is the difference between in Inquiry and an Order?

A: An Inquiry is a request or to get information about a potential order and is not charged.  Once approved by both parties, it becomes an Order.  An Order sends a courier for a pick up and is charged.

Q: Can I place an order day(s) before?

A: Yes, up to 6 days, just select the upcoming day of the week of the pick up.

Q: Can you transport larger packages that may require a car/van?  

A: We travel by bike and foot.  We can transport packages up to 50 Lbs that can be carried or put in a messenger bag.

Q: The Overnight Weekday hours aren’t listed on the order form, what do I do?

A:  Please fill out an Inquiry form.  You can always text us for immediate availability 212.457.1414 for off hours or Weekends.

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